Brian Carter
BFA Industrial Design
The University of Kansas (2003)
Bachelor of Fine Arts - KU

Brian Carter

During two three month contracts with Glam Media, I did extensive HTML, XHTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL coding and programming while building the Glam Network, a new online network of blogs, and GlamSpace, a new community similar to MySpace. I worked both remotely from Kansas and on-site in San Francisco.

The Glam Network and GlamSpace are built from Drupal, an open source content management platform. I made many modifications to the core code and built custom themes, templates, and modules, including an auth module that maps existing Glam users into Drupal, a blog style module that sub-themes specific blogs, and a profile module that adds MySpace like functionality to Drupal.

I also coded the top navigation CSS drop down menu. The menu spans the main Glam site, the Glam Network, and GlamSpace. I've been building CSS drop menus for several years. This menu is similar to Suckerfish, ADxMenu, and Eric Meyer's pure CSS menus and will even drop over those pesky IE6 select boxes. I also coded the XSLT that generates the menu from XML data.

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